Covered yarn

Covered yarn is used in textile for many applications as a preparation process before knitting or weaving but especially for hoisery. In covering, elastane is wrapped with continuous filaments like nylon (polyamide) or polyester. It could be applied as single cover or double cover.

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Double covered yarn has elastane fiber with an inner and outer wrapping of flat nylon or polyester – one wrapped in a clockwise direction and, the other counter clockwise.

PLASTES® is our brand for high quality, high performance single or double covered elastane with polyamide or polyester. It provides high durability with unique comfort and retention power.

PLASTES® products are produced in our factory which is well equipped with well known Japanese, European and American machine producers.  The annual capacity is more than 20.000 tons with a high variety of counts, elastane types and polyamide or polyester versions.