AOSHEN® Spandex increases the freedom of movement, comfort and elegance and improves the quality of knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.

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Together with wool, cotton, linen, polyester, nylon, viscose and other textile, AOSHEN® Spandex Yarn can be made into fabrics, which are widely used in clothes (fabric, underwear, swimming suit, socks, ribbon, diapers), helath care products (Kneecap, cuff, elastic bandages, etc.), industrial application (seat cushion, seat belt of aircraft) and other fields.


General series: Widely used for covering (single-covering, air-covering, core spun), weaving and knitting (circular knitting, warp knitting.)

Super-soft series: The low elastic modulus makes the fabrics smooth, unrestrained and uniquely comfortable.

High temperature resistant series: Subject to strict dyeing conditions, they remain good flexibility.


Colorful series: Colorful and no worry about dyeing.

High load power series: With high restoring force, they can be widely used in the fabrics with high requirement on resilience, especially high-grade ribbons and laces.

Diapers series: Passed the European certification, they can be used in diapers and bandages.